I have read the players handbook:

- A char can cast only 1 spell per round (exception: quicken spell meta magic, some spells can be used as reaction)
- Cantrips have unlimited uses, some of them get stronger as you level up.
- All other spells cost spell slots. You can cast many spells with a spell slot of their base level or with the spell slot of a higher level to increase the effect, like buffs work on more allies or spells cause more damage or healing.
- Spell slots of different classes are added. So a cleric5/sorcerer5 can cast as many spells per day as a single class lv10 cleric or sorcerer, he knows just half as many different sorc spells as a pure sorc and half as many cleric spells as a pure cleric.
Some classes with spells add only 1/2 of their levels to spell slots, like paladins.
- Many spells with a duration require concentration. You can only concentrate on 1 spell at a time. This was done to avoid endless pre buffing. So one char could not cast haste and bless for the party at the same time. Concentration can break if you take damage (constitution saving throw)

- Many low level spells remain useful over the whole game.
- Many low level spells have been buffed. e.g. bless gives a bonus of 1d4 for all rolls, not just 1
- You have to think carefully which buffs you learn as you cannot use all at once. Though you mage will probably remain a haste bot.

The handbook says that your attacks and movement does not break your concentration.
Can you cast a spell that does not require concentration while concentrating on another spell?
So could a mage throw fireballs while concentrating on hastening another party member?

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