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If you meant the gameplay fight against the bandits outside the ruins, you cannot cast more than one spell that uses up a standard action in the same round (in normal conditions, you can cast a bonus action spell, like healing word or shield of faith, and a cantrip, for example) so I think the mage just used up his action casting grease so he cannot cast another spell until later. As far as I know cantrips have unlimited uses, and the MC casted mage´s hand several times.

PD: The confirmation that ritual magic are not available in bG3 was a big hit, indeed. =(

It was that fight, but Swen seemed to use his fire bolt on a water surface while out of combat, around the time he also showed off feather fall, and then his talk track suggested he didn't have a fire bolt to set light to to his grease spell. Maybe I misunderstood and he just meant he had to wait a round, but did not get the chance as he was downed quite quickly smile

Yeah, he couldn't set Grease on fire because Gale had both spells for the combo and can only cast 1 per round. He did say "I already used my Firebolt" but it was still available until he burned the Grease spell.

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