Probably because I grew up with BG and such, but I prefer RTWP in general. It feels faster, more responsive. However I can enjoy TB too. TB has a tendency to slow to a crawl, though. So can RTWP if you fill it with filler fights, of course. I'd take a well designed TB system over a poor RTWP one, but between a well realized TB system and a well realized RTWP system, I'll take RTWP pretty much every time.

I've never played PnP in my life, I know DnD is turn based even though BG is not. Of course with Larian making BG 3 I was expecting it to be TB, and I have no problem with that. I will say though that in general I feel RTWP is a system that's better suited for the medium (computer games). A board game is TB by neccessity, but obviously computers aren't restricted in the same way. I'll always believe that as the "ultimate" combat system RTWP simply has higher potential than that of TB. Then it's up to the developers to make the most out of it, to realize that potential. Having said that, TB can be really good too, naturally. It's all in the hands of the devs.