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For me it's weird. easily I prefer turn-based since I've always been a fan of those kinds of RPG games growing up so there's the nostalgia factor but I also like that it emulates playing 5e more which is in fact turn based as well. In fact when other cRPGs like Pillars implemented a turn based mode, I never looked back.

That being said, I get there's the disconnect considering fans of the classic games grew up/played with the RTwP so that in itself is valid. In a perfect world we'd get offered both options but a lot would need to be changed if that were the case. Personally I will always prefer Turn-Based as I like being able to move around tactically, positioning is really fun in my opinion and I like that sense of strategy.

I think the only game where I felt like RTwP really showed me the fun potential was Dragon AGe Origins on PC. I really loved that RTwP for some reason, It might just have to do with the graphical presentation of it and how I could move around the camera in view while it was paused as opposed to the 2 dimensional presentation of the classic games and even Pillars.

I think if they were to pull a Pillars and implement a different gameplay mode to make everyone happy that would be ideal but honestly it's not realistic since it's best if they iron out the more pertinent things such as plot, variable permutations and adding weight to choices and customization and the overall writing. One thing I also always liked about Larian games so far considering the D;OS duology is that in my experiences at least they've been relatively bug free and clean and being biased to Turn-Based combat, I don't mind them sticking to it.

I feel for all of the fans who were sorely disappointed though and one thing I think will be unavoidable are the connections and similarities to D:OS consideing that it's also on a turn-based engine and no matter what that aspect will be inescapable.

Can you explain why "positionning" is more important in TB than in RTwP ?
I think it's more important in RTwP because it's real time and ennemies are not waiting you to play without doing anything...
there is no "dead time", so you HAVE to use what you can not to be in a bad situations at the begining of the fight.

RT is less strategic because you don't have time to think, so you can't have as many options as in TB games.
RTwP is in the middle. You can have as many options as in TB, but also more dynamic and realistic situations.

Everyone can think one is better than the another but no one can say that you can't have the exact same gameplay elements in RTwP than in TB.
TB is just easier because you can plan everything step by step.

Agree about the better camera of DA:O.
BG-likes and "oldschool RPG" uses an old camera. Improve it is necessary.

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