I created an account just to pitch in!

Clearly Larian didn't think enough about this!

---Normally we try out a lot before we make a decision, but with real-time with pause and turn-based we didn't, we just said "Okay it's just gonna be turn-based."
---David Walgrave, executive producer on Baldur's Gate 3 at Larian Studios.

They basically did go turn based only because they were used to it on their previous games. read here: https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2020-02-27-baldurs-gate-3-interview

And they will suffer from this decision.
Because I will surely not buy that game if it is only turn by turn and I know for a fact that I am not alone!
They simply are not true to the BG saga. Call it a DnD game if you want, but I know that this is a huge deal breaker for many of us fans, so just address the problem Larian...

The community is really divided by this question, ppl have a look or better, go answer that poll: https://strawpoll.com/s4561xkh

They should at least give and option to play the game both ways. I know it might imply complex modifications to what they have already made, but its still better than to have a failed game and a failed reputation afterwards.

Don't get me wrong here, I enjoyed playing Divinity, but I really enjoyed playing BG, and now this game is called BG3, so act accordingly Larian.

My point here is, address the situation or feel the consequence!