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This is exactly so for me as well. I really don't get, and to be honest get irritated, when TB fans talk about positioning, and tactical this and that as though you can do those things only in TB. I do ALL of those tactical things in RTwP games, and I get to do it in RT with the enemies not making it child'splay for me by conveniently standing perfectly still while I position myself. RT/RTwP is what is truly tactically challenging. Being tactical in TB is cheese-easy.

Maybe it is just a matter of different tactics used when it's TB instead of RT. I just know that after so much RTwP saturation (e.g DA and ME), I never recall having the level of tactical control over a game like in DOS. For me, I think TB gives much more tactical control, but hey, others feel differently. It really might be nothing more than a matter of preference and style. Any commentary about how one or the other is dumbed-down, 'leet', cheesy, or whatever just seems juvenile, though.