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This is exactly so for me as well. I really don't get, and to be honest get irritated, when TB fans talk about positioning, and tactical this and that as though you can do those things only in TB. I do ALL of those tactical things in RTwP games, and I get to do it in RT with the enemies not making it child'splay for me by conveniently standing perfectly still while I position myself. RT/RTwP is what is truly tactically challenging. Being tactical in TB is cheese-easy.

Maybe it is just a matter of different tactics used when it's TB instead of RT. I just know that after so much RTwP saturation (e.g DA and ME), I never recall having the level of tactical control over a game like in DOS. For me, I think TB gives much more tactical control, but hey, others feel differently. It really might be nothing more than a matter of preference and style. Any commentary about how one or the other is dumbed-down, 'leet', cheesy, or whatever just seems juvenile, though.

You're totally right talking about tactical control that's better in TB.
That's why TB is easier... because you have a better control of the situations.

RT(wP) is way more chaotic and hard to play.

It looks 46% of players are going to be dissapointed with TB in BG3 while 54% are going to be happy. (Pc Gamer poll)

=> This is why they should do both. Don't really think Larian is big enough to forget the 46%.

Going off DOS games, I don't think RTwP would be too difficult to implement, because the ability timers are already in place (i.e the way skills have cooldowns outside of combat can be used in RT too I would think). But, BG3 is probably going to use a different system, so it's hard to say. I don't think 100% of the 46% won't play and enjoy BG3, but even so, yeah there is a market to be had, and if Larian deems the cost of going after it to be worth it, I am sure they will.