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If you want an example of an over-balanced RPG, look at Pillars of Eternity (the first). IT's levelling and difficulty curves are parallel and linear.

PoE is boring exactly by being very balanced. Everything fels the same. See D&D 4e to have a TTRPG example.

Never understood why people think this of PoE. There are many extremely powerful items, though not motherfucking broken like the ones from BG (and I really prefer these) that grant you +4 to stats or knockdown on hit.
My Rogue was very OP by endgame, capable of 100 dmg per hit and hitting 2~3 times per second, this in a game where the most powerful enemies won't go over 800 hp.

PoE2 is FAR worse in terms of being too balanced, but because there are so many multiclass options you can get away with some pretty powerful shit.