I agree that DnD is unbalanced it it will always be, but I still think that you should not ignore balance completely.
Those games are complex as hell and it takes a long time to understand the system.
Expert players will enjoy this but new players get completely lost.
I have played P:K and it was very hard for even though I played many RPGs before.
If you do not look for a guide in the internet it is really hard to find out which class/spells/feats are usefull.
You have a guy in heavy armor and shield: lol, most powerful enemies will use touch attacks.
You do not know what freedom of movement does: lol, there are groups of enemies and each one tries to paralyze you every round.
BG3 would be my first game with the DnD5E system and even though I read the players handbook there will probably be lots of situations where I do not know whats going on.

You said clerics are better than mages, I say: It depends

In NWN2 I had a favoured soul as main char and it was better than a fighter in every way, mostly thanks to persistent spells. Cast some spells in the morning and bash enemies all day long. I agree that a cleric is way better than a fighter in this game.
But in BG2 powerful mages were almost impossible to beat without having a mage youself. Protection spells and the removal of those spells were almost a game in itself.
With spell triggers and contingencies they were gods and then came ToB with improved alancrity+robe of vecna to boost your power beyond any limits.
In P:K they can make most enemies helpless with stinking cloud and in all games its always good to have somebody cast haste.

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