Uh, you already have that. It was called swift actions, free actions, ready actions, and standard actions. You also had different bonuses and penalties, but they were made using numbers, not a mish-mash for everything called advantage/disadvantage that does not stack.

Shield bash and charge do exist, but those require a feat that you have to take and let me remember you that in 5e you have to choose between a feat and improve your stats, and you do not have feats until level 4 (unless you play a variant human, which is banned by many DMs).

Most combat maneuvers are now pointless. Knocking someone down only takes away half of their movement, so he can get up, move and attack as always; and stand up does not provoke attacks of opportunity. You can also cast spells surrounded by enemies without provoking. You can disarm someone and he just takes the weapon from the ground in the next turn and attacks without penalties. Flanking is now optional, and some DM´s do not use it. Heavy armour is only useful for a character that has negative dexterity, etc

Those are only a few examples you named before.

5e it´s fun to play, but the mechanics are too simplified for my taste. What I meant by simplified is that they took away lots of features just not to "complicate" things. I usually homebrew some of this stuff just to get back some of them.

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