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I'm looking forward to when the D&D hardcores realize how many changes Larian has actually made to the system to make it work for a video game, because Larian - like Bioware - knows that you cannot 100% translate PnP to a PC game.

Say that to the devs of Temple of Elemental Evil... The most faithful D&D adaptation.

All deviations from the core rules lead to a worst gameplay. Not only to complete disregard to rules like sword coast legends. Look to nwn1. Pale masters are useless on nwn1, arcane archers too. On NWN2, warlock without warlock reworked mod is useless too. Despite loving Baldur's Gate and NWN1, BG 1/2 would be far better if was a faithful adaptation like ToEE.

I honestly would rather they not including a class than including in a ultra nerfed state(warlock on nwn2 for eg)

This is how D&D adaptations needs to be