Is that really a thing, multiple accounts to force through negativity? frown

I agree that visuals are important. It's not necessarily about pushing the tech, having the highest fidelity, most detail, state-of-the-art graphics. But beautiful visuals that fit the gameplay, world and story is a massive boon for any game. I like both Pillars of Eternity games, they did some things very well and a few not so much imo, but one thing they absolutely nailed in my opinion is the visuals. Both of those games are gorgeous, and look very much like what I'd imagine a modern spiritual Baldur's Gate game would look like.

If Larian takes any notes at all from Obsidians efforts, I hope this is one of them laugh

I know BG 3 is deep into development and they've already shown us gameplay, and things like graphics aren't a thing that changes much at this point. But they really wouldn't have to change all that much to suit my personal preference a bit more, so a man can dream. The devs mentioned a dirt/grit system so that might be a step into that direction smile