Sorry Victor, I own TOEE ( got it for free on gog ) but I will probably not play it.
Almost all people say: Combat is fantastic, the rest is a desaster.
I have played IWD1 but I have never finished it. Not because it was too hard but because I became bored.
The combat was good, but there was not much else.
In a spectrum where IWD is on one end, BG in the middle and PST at the other end, I am a fan of PST ( or Disco Elysium as example of a great new game).

While combat is an importent part in RPGs, its not everything.

Two of my favourite games are PST and arcanum.
Both have poor and rather easy combat, but PST has one of the best stories ever and arcanum is great for immersive role playing when NPC react different to a beautiful charismatic elf lady than to an idiot ulgly half orc.
The dialogues of my idiot orc were some of the funniest things in my history of games.

I hope that BG3 has good combat AND story/characters/setting.
But IF I cannot have both, good story/characters is more importent to me than combat.

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