Neverwinter nights and IWD2 also made a good videogame without making a perfect representation, but you recognize D&D and get the feel of playing. Pathfinder Kingmaker also did it well.

Well, this games aren't perfect; pale masters, necromancer specialized wizards, arcane archers and rangers(one of the weakest 3.5e class) are useless in this game due they not following the rules. Warlocks on nwn2 and arcane casters too. Spell fixes are a mandatory mod for anyone who wanna play as a arcane caster on nwn2.

Pathfinder Kingmaker has broken sneak attack(not following the rules) and i saw some guys doing more than 1k damage with arcane trickster and bows with multiple damage sources can be broken and the lack of range for certain spells means that amazing P&P spells like Horrid Wilting can't be used without expensive metamagic rods that allow you to hit enemies without destroying your own party.

To be fair, some deviations from rules can be good; dragon disciples on BG/BG2:EE who doesn't exist on core rules are a fun class to play. But those who doesn't wanna, can just don't select the SUB-class. I an all for OPTIONAL rule alterations but less non optional deviations means a better overall game.

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