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(...)Warlocks can use a few spells infinite times and their eldritch blast gets 1d6 damage every odd level. You can upgrade the blast to cause AoE damage and cause additional damage or cause additional effects.
It is a touch attack and it can ignore spell resistance (the SR part is complicated, but it can be ignored).
So they do exactly the same as kinecticists in PK which you called very powerful.

Sorcerers are considered one of the most powerful classes in NWN2.
All of them use the arcane scolar prestigue class for more meta magic. The default epic caster is 26 sorc, 3 blackguard and 1 lv in another class.(...)

Well, the Eldritch Blast DC is bugged making enemies far more likely to resist. Kineticists on Pathfinder aren't nerfed, they just have way less things to choose from. But what makes then very good is that Wings can't make you immune to the effect of certain infusions like Deadly Earth(contrary to P&P where you can fly)

About Warlock Look to what Warlock reworked fixed on warlock https://neverwintervault.org/project/nwn2/other/warlock-reworked-102g
  • Fixed Warlock to have the right save DC on eldritch blasts (10 + half-level, shape level or essence level whatever is higher + Charisma modifier)
  • (...)
  • The Dead walk now works as DnD. It animated 1*Caster level (max 20) of undead and put them under your control for 1 minute. You can cast it as many times you want but you cannot control more than 2*Caster Level HD of undead. Those in excess will be removed from your control.
  • Flee the Scene is now a teleport spell
  • Word of Changing is now an hostile polymorph spell that change creatures to 1 HD ones if failed save
  • Retributive Invisibility last 1 round/level as it should
  • Chilling Tentacles changed with a proper Grapple routine and it now works as DnD
  • Tenacious Plague works as DnD now, it doesn't stack with itself and it's more powerful.
  • (...)

This are the most important things that the mod corrected. Chilling Tentacles is one of the most powerful invokations on P&P and on nwn2 is useless. Due the lack of grapple. As for sorcerers, is too hard to detail everything, but here is a big list https://neverwintervault.org/project/nwn2/script/spell-fixes-and-improvements

To mention just two of my favorite spells

-Acid Fog- No spell resistance. Increased duration to last 1 round/level, removed spell save, changed range from Long to Medium, changed radius size from 15' to 20', and lowered initial damage to 2d6 as per PnP. Correctly calculates random damage for each target in the area of effect rather than one roll per round applied to every target. Will now remove Area of Effect if caster is dead. Lowers movement speed to 5 feet per round. Gives affected targets -2 to attacks and damage inflicted. Can't be hit by ranged weapons nor can you hit with ranged weapons while in the fog cloud as per PnP. Gives 20% concealment to affected targets versus melee attacks while in the fog cloud. Changed TargetingUI (3rd column from end) from 8 to 2 to match 20' radius.Caster Level stored on AOE for proper Dispel Magic callback. This is the second AOE that works using my Dispel Magic code for removing AOE's. Can't stack spell in the same area of effect anymore. This is the second AOE that works this way.

-Horrid Wilting- Changed Target UI to reflect proper 60' area. Changed to a range of Long as per PnP. Water Elementals take d8 damage instead of d6 as per PnP.

Sorcerers have d4 hit points on 3.5e and had to talk to a boss before they got all defenses dispelled and start the combat on melee. That with the spell nerfs made my sorcerer run at highest difficulty pretty hard.

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