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I can understand that you like the PnP rules.
But this would make powerful classes even more powerful.
Making them more powerful would ruin any remains of balance more, and game balance in DnD is already bad.

Playing a game at the highest difficulty is supposed to be hard(...)

Balance is a thing that kills immersion, variety and replayability. Imagine a FPS, if everyone is using only M16, the FPS is very balanced, if everyone can use every weapon mass produced since black powder discovery and the game has realistic ballistics, the game can't be balanced. D&D is a game where you play as archetypes of many things present on fantastic literature. Of course a druid gameplay needs to be different than a warlock gameplay.

That said, on NWN2, Martial > Divine > Arcane. On P&P : Divine > Arcane > Martial. A boss that took like 8 minutes to my sorcerer kill, a warrior could kill in about one minute

Look how many times he hits 200+ damage in a single round. Not even epic spells can reach that Look to the weapons that some warriors can get mainly on MotB. Like +5d6 elemental weapon which means that if you have 4 attacks per round, and hit all, it is +20d6 damage.

Many offensive spells are not only nerfed compared to D&D but also compared to NWN1

For example, in nwn1 Evard's black tentacles get 1d4 tentacles + 1 / caster level (maximum 20)[1] tentacles, in nwn2 only 1d4[2]. If each tentacle can do 1d6+4, at lv 20 you can do 1d6+4*24 max damage in nwn1 and in nwn2 you can do only 1d6+4*4, 6x more damage in nwn1, is a very useful spell against spell immune creatures, but is useless against creatures with high DR. Other problem with NWN2 implementation of tentacles is that there are no grapple on NWN2. So they can't be used to deal damage, can't be used to prevent opponent move, can't be reliable used against high SR enemies, so what is the point of having a spell so nerfed that has ZERO use????

Other example : Horrid wilting, damage up to 25d8 in nwn1[3] and 20d6 in nwn2[4] and note that there are a lot of undead creatures in nwn2 OC.

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TL;DR - Even if balance is something important, invocations that nobody picks like the dead walk who only creates a single minion that dies in one round and was one of the most popular P&P invocations is NOT balanced. Having archers outDPSing your warlock eldricht blast by many times because the DC of his eldritch blast is bugged is NOT balanced.

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