What is UAI?

Maybe some nerds like this stuff.
Players who are not experts for super complex PnP rules will get totally lost.
Either you look in the internet for a guide to make a powerful build and what spells/abilities to use then or you will likely crate total crap.
Pathfinder Kingmaker was very hard for me and the char I created was bad even though I spend lots of time reading the rules. It was my first pathfinder game ever.
At one point I gave up and finished the rest of the game on story mode difficulty (started on normal).
The game was good, but the rules are complex as hell and I did not want to start with a new char after playing for so many hours. I do not have infinite time for playing.

BG1+2 were fine, after reading the manual I was good enough to finish the game on normal with a full party.

NWN2 was also fine. My first char was a martial one with a huge sword. He was good enough to finish the game on normal with a full party, but he was not very good.
Later I played it again with a favoured soul and a full party on normal and this was much better. With persistent spells ( or spells that last long anyway) you buff yourself once and bash enemies all day long.

Once again, I play games on normal difficulty with a full party and without mods.
When I play for the first time I try to do it without a guide.
Back in the old days games were released with a huge manual that explained all game mechanics and some lore.
BG1+2 and arcanum had a manual that had a list of all spells and all abilities THAT ARE IN THE COMPUTER GAME!
For PK I had to look in the internet for the PnP rules and guess what of it gets changed for the computer game.
I have the feeling that devs expect players to look at guides in the internet today, which I consider bad.

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