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What is UAI?

Maybe some nerds like this stuff.
Players who are not experts for super complex PnP rules will get totally lost.
Either you look in the internet for a guide to make a powerful build and what spells/abilities to use then or you will likely crate total crap.
Pathfinder Kingmaker was very hard for me and the char I created was bad even though I spend lots of time reading the rules. It was my first pathfinder game ever.
At one point I gave up and finished the rest of the game on story mode difficulty (started on normal).
The game was good, but the rules are complex as hell and I did not want to start with a new char after playing for so many hours. I do not have infinite time for playing.

BG1+2 were fine, after reading the manual I was good enough to finish the game on normal with a full party.

NWN2 was also fine. My first char was a martial one with a huge sword. He was good enough to finish the game on normal with a full party, but he was not very good.
Later I played it again with a favoured soul and a full party on normal and this was much better. With persistent spells ( or spells that last long anyway) you buff yourself once and bash enemies all day long.

Once again, I play games on normal difficulty with a full party and without mods.
When I play for the first time I try to do it without a guide.
Back in the old days games were released with a huge manual that explained all game mechanics and some lore.
BG1+2 and arcanum had a manual that had a list of all spells and all abilities THAT ARE IN THE COMPUTER GAME!
For PK I had to look in the internet for the PnP rules and guess what of it gets changed for the computer game.
I have the feeling that devs expect players to look at guides in the internet today, which I consider bad.

Well, that's the thing. I think that this kind of complex game REQUIRES some reading, at least to have a basic understandment of the mechanics. I hate this conception from AAA studios that every game is for "everyone" and everything should be streamlined and easy to understand. Just compare Destiny with Borderlands to see how much some complexity and customization can elevate a game compared to a similar one.
I always read guides, and I also have way more fun when I start understanding how the game works and using it in my favor. A well placed spell in BG can make an impossible fight into a stupidly easy one.
And UAI = Use Any Item, HLA from Thiefs that can yield some hilarious results.