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Pathfinder Kingmaker was very hard for me and the char I created was bad even though I spend lots of time reading the rules. It was my first pathfinder game ever.
At one point I gave up and finished the


For PK I had to look in the internet for the PnP rules and guess what of it gets changed for the computer game.
I have the feeling that devs expect players to look at guides in the internet today, which I consider bad.

Even the Pathfinder creator had problem on Pathfinder Kingmaker. On my first run, i failed on Pitax due a bug(silver draconic sorcerer), but din't had to lower the difficulty or look to solutions online. I just carefully read the spell descriptions.

After some bug fixes, i finished as a sorcerer of undead bloodline. As for playing without mods, i generally only play my first time with bug fixes, my second, third, fourth, run i generally use mods to EXPAND the options of the game and some times, make the game more hard. I love Gothic but the inability to become a Guru on G1 made me install Golden mod. On NWN2, after i saw that most of my favorite spells was useless(normal, unmodded), i installed spell fixes mod for my second run. On Gothic 2 i finished 3 times before i installed RETURNING mod who mades the game exponentially harder and allow you to be a Xardas apprentice, something that i missed from Original game.

Skyrim i played normal but can't play with deadly dragons and other mods. I wanna fear dragons, not steamroll then with apprentice spells like firebolt + dual casting + impact perk. About manual, i was playing Dark Sun Shattered Lands and the lack of detailed explanations on manual made me pick awful spells. One class that i love is necromancer and in most games, it *****. So i have to use mods on most games.

EDIT : I DON'T recommend Sorcerer for starting players in any D&D 3.5e/Pathfinder 1E games. Sorceres can't switch spells, so if you picked a awful spell, you are stuck for the rest of the game.

EDIT 2 : See at 32 min here; he is playing on NORMAL >

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