> In ToB some classes or abilities are gods while others feel totally useless in comparison.

The games who changed P&P rules for "balance sake" din't changed that. Only made some beloved classes useless; i rather NOT having warlocks on nwn2 than having it with invocations that lasts 3 rounds contrary to one round / level(P&P), only one summon with the dead walk, tentacles that won't grapple, a eldritch blast that has his DC bugged and thus deals far less damage than my archer companion...

Note that on P&P, is expected that you and the DM will make/allow characters that makes sense story and theme wise. So a MP server banning multiclass(Except prestige class) will not be a huge problem. But on SP, let people have fun with their pun-pun builds if is what they like.

Keep in mind that this weapon masters would't be a problem if i disjunction was like P&P and could suppress his gear enchantments