If the wizards have disjunction or baleful polymorph and the warlocks could cast infinitely 5d6, 10d6, 15d6 eldrich blasts, targeting touch armor with your ranged attacks from 600 ft away (using eldrich spear and spell sniper), leisurely sitting on a chair 2 blocks away as in PNP.... instead of having servers full of weapon masters we will have servers full of warlocks and wizards. The thing is making all classes playable and fun, and the wizards are very good even without those spells so I do not think that´s a priority. Rangers are, for example.

But, the butchery they did with the warlocks in NWN2, I absolutely agree...

Anyway, to balance things you do not have to mandatorily cripple classes or change most rules. You need to work with loot, setting and enemies too.
In the BG, you only have 2-3 decent slings in the entire trilogy even tho it is the only ranged weapon allowed to all the divine classes besides the shaman, So making a slinger halfling cleric of Yondalla could be fun but you will not be as effective as a melee cleric because slings in those games are not very good in comparison and there are plenty of characters whose only ranged option are the slings (All divine and pure arcane casters besides bards) and you will be competing for the same weapon.

Or in the OC NWN2 campaign, where 60-70% of the time you are fighting undead creatures ( immune to crits, SA and enchanting spells) so your bards and thieves will pass the time looking pretty while the others are busy destroying the living dead. (which is another good reason to let Grobnar stay in the camp all the time, but that´s not the point).

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