__Vic__, Warlocks on 3.5e are limited to 250 feet. And that fighters with a longbow can hit far away and they have better BAB. And you are saying that "wizards are fine" but are NOT. Mainly necromancer specialized wizards and Pale masters. On Both NWN games; on NWN1, lose stop time and disjunction(even disjunction being far worst than on P&P since it can't dispel GEAR enchantments, it is the best SR lowering spell). And pale masters doesn't even give +caster level. Meaning that one level in wizard is better than 10 levels of pale master. On NWN2, undeads are immune to OHK spells like finger of death and only one summon limit removes the two best things from necromancers on P&P. OHK capability and multiple summons.

Imagine taking out all non fire based evocation spells in a campaign in the plane of fire with tons of fire immune enemies. That would kill a evoker wizard. Look to Pathfinder Kingmaker. Spawn of Rovagug is a nightmare for sorcerers/wizards, not because they nerfed their spells BUT because the Spawn of Rovagug has 36 pts of spell resistance.

That means that my lv cap sorcerer with great spell penetration(24 spell penetration) has like 40% of chance of hitting him(roll 12 or more) with any spell who allow SR. And since is a massive creature with good saves, even if i made him inside my Ice Prison spell, he will break the ice. My sorcerer was only attacking his minions while my martial classes was nuking him.

Jabberwocks also has like 31 SR and you fight a lot of then on end game.


TL;DR - We have 95%+ weapon masters on servers and 5% of divine casters due the butchery that they did with arcane casters and ludicrous OP weapons who deals 666d6 elemental attack per round and can't be dispelled by disjunction