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5) Is the atmosphere fixed and set in stone? The game looks beautiful but it doesn't seem that frightening, and have the serious tone of Baldur's Gate. It's a development that can quickly ruin a game. Take Diablo 1, that game was scary. Every time you decided to head back into that endless Cathedral, you were scared. Genuinely scared. The music was haunting, the game was dark, the atmosphere sinister and playing it in pitch black during the night gave me goosebumps.

Diablo 2 was still atmospheric but the darkness of the game was toned down a lot, and the frightening areas were few in between.

Finally Diablo 3 was a Disney adventure created by a company that basically had none of the original developers left. The game lacked soul and it is a travesty that it shares the Diablo name with two classics.

Diablo was one of those formative games for me. I would say Diablo 2 is the gold standard for ARPGs and that Diablo 3 was, as you say, not Diablo anymore. Off-topic, the trailer of Diablo 4 is probably the best game trailer I have ever seen, it truly captures the horror of facing evil incarnate. But the gameplay? Maybe I'm blind but it looks like Diablo 3 with the color gradient turned down. Diablos atmosphere is more than the art just looking grey and brown.