I will start with the least favorite ones :

1.Walking in Crow's Nest didn't feel comfortable for me either . Of course now I can easily get a triple kill with a fireball compared to when I first entered the area, but still I can feel the hostility in there. As for High Hall I got mixed feelings.

2. Destroyed Broken Valley with its fortress. It felt really sad to see Broken Valley in that state, can't even walk in there. I would say that was where I enjoyed burning down everything and then getting rid of the skeletons and Black Ring forces. The whole time I was like ' I spent countless hours and days in Broken Valley and that coward didn't show up once, he waited for me to leave so he can do his evil deeds. I swear to the Divine that I will find you and you won't like it Damian! '.

3. The Bandit camp. I don't know why but I always found the bandits annoying with their stupid threats. That being said I did like the temple of doom (if we exclude the corpses and poison). I found the design really interesting, it had an oldschool touch to it.

Favorite places :

1. I want to start off with the Alchemy Garden. Really like the ancient looking columns and the color variation of the trees. The blue flames and the music give it a really ancient/relaxing vibe too. I even made a video!

2. The battle tower. As soon as it became mine, it felt like I have a home. And it should feel like that after Broken Valley was lost. At that point I felt like I could slow down with my progress and take things easy, as if it was ' over '. So I took my time to learn about the platforms and stuff. It is also really nice to have a chest there for rare items that I want to keep, even if I don't use them.

3. Orobas Fjords. This is the place where I realised why Divinity 2 is one of the best games ever made. The first impression was similar to Crow's Nest because those goblins were hard for me the first time I fought them. But it was rewarding and I became stronger eventually. But what happens later is really interesting. I remember the first time I played it and the first hidden area I discovered was the cave behind the waterfall. Then I went to the statues and afterwards started searching for the trees. Then I noticed that there were a lot of things that I could see but not reach, which would make me ask a lot of questions. ' That tree (Yggdrasil) must be something special, perhaps it is one of the trees the statues told me. But how on earth do I go up there? '. But in my mind I was not 100% sure if that was one of the trees, it was just an assumption. Then after swimming around the mountain I found out the mine and those nests. And because the nests cannot interract with walking units I always wondered what they are and why did they even exist if they don't attack or interract in any way. Next to the entrance of the mine I could see the slayer camp and left me wondering too. When I finally got the dragon stone I was completely blown away. I felt like I have more power, as if I broke free from a prison (the music makes that feeling even more intense). There were so many things around me all that time, which I didn't even know they exist. I could see everything from a different angle and travel much faster. Even when I reach the limits I get the feeling that there is more behind. The environments are simply enormous and very detailed.

Other thoughts : I wonder how it would be like if the Sentinel Island was more populated with characters living a normal life and stuff. You know, without the destroyed boats and whale skeleton. Same with Crow's nest and Lovis tower.

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