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My problem with RtwP is that it's basically turn-based with extra steps.
Instead of the game handling it, I have to pause, make sure everyone is doing what I said, unpause for 4-6 seconds, pause again to make sure the AI did not derp, or change someones target, or start casting a spell, then unpause, then pause again a few seconds later to do it again.

If you're going to do that, just make it turn-based so the combat can be smoother & people aren't punished if they can't hit pause fast enough.

So, honestly, I like TB more, and I'm glad it's going to be turn-based. Since RTwP just feels like 'more complicated & aggravating turn-based combat' to me.

What you have described is a bad RTwP implementation. A good one would have an AI that does not derp or change targets, and enough auto-pause and AI options to allow you to choose how much or little involvement you want in the combat part of an RPG. If you like a TB feel, you would turn on a lot of the auto-pause options, and turn off a lot of AI behaviour.

Obviously, RTwP and RT games can be more difficult to play if a player's preferences and abilities do not match what the game designers think is a good idea. Unfortunately, many RT-variant games seem to be designed without enough attention to player preferences and configurability.

TB games are generally easy to play because they require no particular dexterity or coordination, but they are not immune from problems. It is as frustrating for some players to be obliged to micro-manage every single action of every member of your party under TB, just as it is under any variant of RT. And TB games designers often seem to be even less aware of the need to consider player preferences and configurability. It doesn't seem likely at this point, for example, that BG3 will allow you to put party characters under any form of AI at all.

I find even the best AI is still too stupid to rely on. Better to have complete control then to give the AI any chance to mess it up. I don't find it frustrating to micro manage all actions; I find it frustrating when stupid AI messes up my plans. As for dexterity and coordination, I don't think RTwP games are where this is really required, such as it is with sport games and something like GoW; but to that point, I don't want to spend my time developing physical skills for something ephemeral like a game. If you're going to put the time in practicing and learning such skills, better to learn how to strum some chords. It will be with you your whole life.