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the idea that RTWP soemhow requries twitch skill is nonssense.
Qutie frankly, RTWP requires you to be able to deal with tedium and annoying party AI, tahts about it.

Did I imply that? Requiring twitch skill? Like a CS:GO pro? As if RTwP is somehow the next level of e-sport. Way to be dismissive.

No, the point I was trying to make was that todays mainstream games (be it Rocket League, R6 Siege, FIFA20) all has gameplay that requires some measure of decent reaction time. There's a flow to the gameplay that does not stop or wait for anyone. I was just making a case that if you play a lot of games like this, TB might very well feel too slow, were as the step to RTwP might be a little less jarring. That was all I was saying.

And of course I'm not suggesting I expect a sudden influx of 14 year old fragger-happy fortnite players to have pre-ordered BG3 en masse if it had been RTwP instead of TB.

I was just speculating.