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I was thinking the same about Ygerna's death and Damian's death too, actually.

I haven't finished Flames of Vengeance yet but I've seen the ending on YouTube.

So you, Cookie, you chose to free Berlihn?? lol. I can just imagine how tougher it was since you did.

Yep, fell for the same trick twice. I should have learned from saving Ygerna, lol. It is the first time I finished the game so I can't tell if the fight is tougher or easier if I didn't free him. Unfortunately I did not save before entering the Champion's Academy frown

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The end fight isn't really much tougher with Berlihn freed (though I hit level 47 just before that, so that was probably a factor).

Same here! Level 47 and I just realized that I had 30 unused stat points too xD I also had a lot of enchantments and charms on my gear, plus the Claw of Abraxas. Although I read somewhere that as a mage I should dual wield, ever since I found the Claw of Abraxas I never went back. That thing does a lot of magic damage.