For me the key letter is the C. An RPG that's clearly designed for computer. Often isometric, but does not have to be. Often text heavy (full voice overs or no), but does not have to be. Designed for keyboard & mouse + PC monitor.

DnD, party based and TB/RTwP just trends within the subgenre.

I know Pillars, DOS etc get console ports. But that's precisely the point, they're ports. PC is the main platform for these titles.

Dragon Age Inquisition is very obviously a game designed for multi-platform. Perhaps even geared more towards console, than PC. Terrible UI made with consoles in mind, pc version releasing lacking basic things like a run/walk toggle (got patched in quick) that's obviously not necessary on console. Inquisition's definetly not a CRPG, even though it does have party gameplay, RTwP, etc. In Inquisitions case, these things are more like a legacy from Bioware's previous work, which were CRPG's.

That's just my take on it laugh