My 2 cents: I will also classify an RPG as CRPG if they do not railroad you, pointing everything in the quests as if you do not have more than 2 functioning neurons.
You know what I meant, those games with a big arrow telling you what to do all the time.

-Big arrow pointing the big device near the bridge that has a hole the size of a gear- "Take a look at the device"

(It´s like 4 ft tall and there isn´t any other interactable object in the room, but ok)

"Find the gear to lower the bridge" -Arrow points to the exit-

(Wow, Didn´t expect that. Color me shocked... not)

"Use the doorknob to open the door" -Big arrow pointing the doorknob, just in case you do have little to no prior experience opening complicated devices like doors by yourself-

(Big sigh)

-Arrow pointing a screaming big tattooed guy drenched in blood that charges wielding a big chainsaw while shouting death threats- "Defend yourself"


"kill the zombie minions"

(I was just thinking into engaging in a deep, meaningful conversation so I could find common points to see to the negotiated settlement of conflicts before they could lead to violence, and reach to their humanity to find the intrinsic cause of their uncontrolled rage; until they tried to rip my throat, but thanks again for your input)

-Arrow points to the stairs- "Go up the stairs"

(Silly me, I almost go down upstairs, or jump through the window, thanks for the advice)

"Take the gear" -Big, bright arrow pointing the gear for good measure, in the event that your vocabulary does not include complicated words like "gear"-

(Why I´m playing this, again?)

"Use the gear"- Big, bright arrow pointing a hole in the shape of the gear, also the only interactable object in the entire room, to remind you why did you need the gear, on the off chance that you suffered an episode of amnesia or some kind of brain damage while doing this quest. -

(Frack this, time to reinstall Disco Elysium again