On Video games :

- Dark Sun Shattered Lands was lv 1 to 9
- Dark Sun: Wake of the Ravager was 7 to 15.
- ToEE was 1 to 10
- BG1 was 1 to 9
- BG2:SoA Was 8 to 17
- BG2:ToB was epic level
- NWN1 was 1 to 20 and HOTU was epic level with lv cap = 40 (considered the best expansion BTW)
- NWN2 was 1 to 20 and MotB was epic
- Pathfinder Kingmaker was 1 to 20 (adapting many books)
- Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous will gonna be Mythic level(similar to D&D epic but different)

Keep in mind that if a module has lv cap = 10 and there are less players than recommended, the DM generally allow PCs to reach higher level.

> not to mention that low level is where dnd works ebst anyway

I disagree. Look to the most popular mods for ToEE; all of then raises the level cap.

On 5e, the difference between low to high level is much smaller than 3.5e or 2e.

A lv 20 sorcerer on BG2 with spell sequencer and 3 skull traps, can dealt 60d6 damage in a instant. 5e has no OHK spells, high level spells has his usage far more limited and the most iconic 3rd tier evocation on 3.5e and 2e deals 10d6 damage at lv 10. The most iconic 5th tier magic deals up to 15d6(cone of cold), on 5e, the difference got reduced to 6d8(fireball) VS 8d8(cone of cold).

With warriors, a lv 1 ranger compared to a lv 20 has only 4 base attack bonus (or proficiency bonus) less than a level 20 ranger. 4! This is the difference between a mortal who has reached the pinnacle of mortal achievement and a baby faced newbie who can barely hold a weapon is just 20% more chance to hit...

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