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What makes high level 5e boring is that chars has way too much hit points and is not like 2e/3.5e where one failed save from a finger of death trap can insta destroy your character and enemies can deal a lot of damage...

5e lacks any tension on combat...

You say this but I have Tabaxi a Rogue with 12 CON that dropped once per battle. :P

I was giving him battle scars based on the attack that downed him + how badly it had to hit him to down him. The plan, if he survived the campaign, was to buy art of him, a before/after of him at level 1, untouched and fresh-faced VS him at level whatever, with all his scars.

The campaign went on hold when life slapped me around, and now it's permanently on haiatus, and I can't afford said drawing. Ah well.

Rogues always had low survivability. On 2e/3.5e, your character would be dead so quickly... But a lv 20 Barbarian(which has great survivability) on 2e and on 3.5e can be taken out by a single finger of death(if he fails the same of course), on 5e, they can take like 5 FoD before reaching negative HP using average hit dices...

One thing that 2e did right is that after lv 10, takes a eternity to level up in XP requirement(btw, on bg2 you gain 10x more xp for killing the same mob) and each level up after 10 gives very little HP.

When i soloed as a sorcerer, using dice to determine level up instead of max hp in every level, i reached lv 20 with 47 HP (btw, i din't re rolled my stats on char creation, had like 76 in total, only putted max int and cha sacrificing dex, wis and dex in the process)

But i an re playing BG2, this time as a dragon disciple and here is how much lethality BG2 has. I can kill end chapter 4 enemies with a single tier 5 spell.

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