So table top (like critical role...the TV series) slows the combat portion of the game way down, while social interaction and buying your groceries happens normally.

A single round is 6 seconds and I have seen a single round take quite a long time to be completed in an online Fantasy Grounds session. This is where it becomes a strategy game. Now in real life, I can describe what went through my mind when the engine of the aircraft I was flying dropped to 1500 I land straight ahead on the fairly vacant 4 lane highway or do I return to the runway I just took off from...I do have some power. Partial power was the key and I returned to the runway safely.

A lot of thinking went into the decision, yet it was made in a split second as my aircraft turned and was committed to a plan. So in that sense, turn based play captures something that other games don't (there are just not enough controls and hot keys for me to do what my reflexes want to do in a real time simulation) at least ones with complex builds.

In addition, by slowing the situation down, it gives the group time to think strategically...which while not realistic, can be very engaging.

It is for certain very different and not for everyone, but absolutely fits the balancing that has been done to the 5e rule set. Its more like a chess game really. A lot of the fun can be in learning the rules to make the character you want to build work. There are plenty of Twitch channels to see Fantasy Grounds sessions first hand (the practical side).

Now the story and the combat are two separate issues. I would say this is the neutral ground no matter what combat you prefer.

P.S. If you liked Skyrim for real time, you can check out this free mod on steam. It is a total conversion of the game (not even the same landmass, history, and races).
It features fully voiced acting and an engaging story that many people consider miles ahead of Bethesda's Main story. The mod includes everything to make it visually long mod lists. Steam workshop has good mods for it too. A clean install of oldrim and subscribe to the free mod does the trick. mod to rule them all

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