In no particluar order of importance, just some general thoughts about what we've been shown (which is obviously pre-EA so all subject to change, yada yada...) I like pretty much all of what I have seen and so I won't list what I like. What I tend more towards 'disliking' is:
- over-the-top animations for mundane things, like leap, etc. I would rather it be a simple, mundane animation to make things that actual deserve a cool animation better.
- party based initiative
- DoS-inspired world building; DoS world size wasn't really that big. It seems bigger than it is because of the amount of enemies but if you just straight run its like 2 or 3 minutes per act. I wish we could have a more open-world feel and just bigger world in general to explore
- past-tense dialogue...which seems to be an almost universal dislike.
- no plans for DLC. I dislike knowing there won't be anything more to the game...however, i would take it off this list if it was because they are taking no breaks and jumping right into Baldur's Gate 4

Some of my hopes for things that have not been shown/discussed yet:
- I hope I can create an entire team of however many they end of going with (4,5,6, etc) of generic NPCs without having to use any of the pregenerated characters. I disliked in DoS2 that I was forced to choose campanions with a backstory. Now, I get that this might be a bit bland by not having anyone with a storyline built into the game for any of the pre-recorded dialogue options...but I would like that. I want to go find some random NPC to hire of any race/class combo.
- I hope they are taking the time to create a massive repertoire of D&D monsters; i want to BE in the Forgotten Realms and fight loads of different kinds, from elementals to giants, dragons, undead, goblinoids, magical beasts, devils, demons, oozes, trolls, etc etc etc. We know there will be illithids/mind-flayers, intellect devourers, undead skeletons, goblinds, worgs, and bubgears (and all the humanoid races that we can play) so far.
- I hope for a loot system that is not overblown like DoS; by that I mean I hope you can't just make tons of money by selling things like candles and boxes.
- I hope they make magic items as rare as 5E indended them to be. A +1 sword isn't necessarily game-breaking but it's expensive to make and we really shouldn't be getting too many too fast. It needs to feel like a treasure instead of loot...if that makes sense.