This is directed more towards Larian than to anyone here.

Baldur's Gate was the very first game that truly made me feel like I'm experiencing a different world, yes yes, I was young and new experiences do take a hold. But it was also the game that introduced the forgotten realms, the books, drizzt, elminster, etc. Baldur's gate 2 to me was, and still is, a masterpiece. Irenicus will always be one of the best voiced villains. And I thought that was it, the story ended there. It was a fitting end to the series though, not that I'm complaining. Did I expect a Baldur's gate 3? Not really, did I hope for one? yes I did.

I've never really given much thought to the combat back then, it is how it is, or so I thought. Fast forward to 2019, when I first heard about BG3, to say I was super excited was an understatement. I just thought, Larian's got some reputation as a company making good RPG games, so this should be good. But mind you, I've never really got into DOS because of one thing, turn based combat. However, I thought, they still got a good track record, and it being BG3, I was sure they'll stick to how it was like the previous two titles. How wrong I was..

I've never really been one to post on forums, or comment on anything on any platform. But I was mad, and I've never been mad at a company even after they release shitshow titles or greedy DLCs. I always thought I'll just 'vote' with my money, if I don't like it, I won't buy it. I'm mad because this game, doesn't seem to have anything to do with the Baldur's Gate series except it being called Baldur's Gate. Yes I know, it's 2020. evolution of gaming, and many other reasons etc. Yes its set in the Forgotten Realms, but that's about it I guess. Baldur's Gate 3 has lost its soul, the gameplay is different, the combat is different, the view is different. I'd be much more enthusiastic to give it a go if Larian called this game 'This side of Cormyr'. I've never played DOS2, so when I saw the gameplay trailer, it just looked like an updated Dragon Age with clunky combat to me.

But enough of that.

The main gripe I have is the combat, which is why we're all here in this raging debate.
I read through most of the responses, and honestly there's nothing wrong on either side. We all have our preferences to how combat should be done. Some want it as close as possible to how tabletop PnP dungeon crawling is to them(forgive me if I worded that wrong). Like I said, nothing wrong with that.

But I don't like it on a PC game. It spoils the realism of combat, the immersion. Turn base combat to me is, I'll hit you, and then it's your turn to hit me, then it's your friend's turn to hit me, etc. That doesn't really happen in a real fight, I don't see boxers taking turns to hit each other. This style is like watching football and people are taking turns to pass, tackle, shoot, score. It doesn't work, for me. Turn base has no flow of combat, no matter how much my friend convinces me that it's tactical, I'm unable to get round it(I've played turn based games before mind you). It can also be tactical in a RTWP setup, why must it be turn based? There are just some game mechanics that spoil the whole game for me, Witcher 1's combat comes to mind as an example.

It is incredibly unfortunate that this is going to be turn based. I wasn't holding my breath for BG3. Then I got so hyped for it, then I got so crushed about it.

Yea you can say I'm living on nostalgia, but this is the series that got me into gaming, I've replayed it countless times, no matter how many PC's I've change, how many times I've reformatted them. Baldur's gate series is always installed and ready to go.
Words can't truly express the disappointment I have. Worse still, whatever I'm saying now is totally pointless because it's been decided long ago, and who am I to make them change how they want to create this.
I write this with profound sadness and disappointment that the game I cherish has completely morphed into something else that I do not recognise.
IF I do get this game(after steam sale), it will only be because of the setting. Just to see where it's gonna take me in the Forgotten Realms.


PS. Some of you are prob gonna nitpick on what I say, break it all down and explain to me why I'm wrong. Yea you do that, but like I said, this is my opinion on how Larian is creating BG and how I like to play my RPGs. If you like turn base, that's you. Simple as that. Not being snarky or condescending with that.
But this isn't BG3 to me. This is a whole new game with new systems in place masquerading as BG3 to entice the nostalgia in people.