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> money is somethign that gets ignored a lot in most campaigns

Not true for campaigns where survival or managing something is ultra important. On critical role campaigns, currency is important.

But talking about games, If you wanna max out your barony stats on kingmaker, you need to manage build points, time and gold. Same on NWN2 Crossroad keep. On BG2, your objective on chapter 2 is to raise a lot of money and you also has a lot of expenses to do the quests, purchasing gear, bribing a guard to have a magical license, etc. On Dark Sun Shattered Lands, money is extremely important since any metal weapon is insane expensive, and any magical weapon extremely expensive, any magical scroll ludicrous expensive and so on.

It is a hassle to the DM, but for a computer, it is not. If i an DMing and currency is that important on the campaign, i will only keep track of bigger pictures. And will have the currency extremely deflated. To the point that one gold can buy a lot but is also hard to make one gold coin. Keeping numbers low helps to manage things.

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