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Theyve stated, iirc, that jump is to get to vertical locations you couldnt otherwise get to. By the rules, if you move out of reach of an opponent they get an attack of opportunity. Now, you can just jump every round and never get an AoO. Jump to get around AoO does not exist in PnP so im not sure why its critical to the game in your eyes. I like the feature but i hope they take out the disengage feature or you'll literally never draw an AoO...just jump.

I don't think you're understanding what I'm saying. I never, ever said it was critical to the game in my eyes. I am saying that your proposed option does not make sense. I'll say this again:

There's no point in having jump as a disengage option which provokes an AoO*, because LITERALLY THE ENTIRE POINT of a disengage action is to NOT provoke an AoO.

If the purpose of the Jump is to get to locations, then it should only work OUT of combat.

* (Assuming that the enemy doesn't have the Sentinel feat.)