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It's a bit of a surprise, I wouldn't have expected them to change the trademark Infinity Engine formula.

I'm not sure how I feel about it. One of my favorite parts of all those games is spending 10 minutes of planning to watch 6 seconds of complete chaos happen on the screen. It was pretty bold of Bioware to take the D&D rules and squash them into a sort of 'simulation' of sorts.

I would have thought if they were going to change it, they would polish or tweak the formula, rather than replace it...

Fans can be dangerous, after all smile

D&D started out turn-based, so it's less of a mess to follow the rules instead of try translating them into realtime.
Also, Larian knows turn-based combat, so they're able to make a stronger TB system instead of going outside their wheelhouse & try to make a (possibly weaker) realtime system.

I'm not saying realtime is weaker, mind. I'm saying that it's not Larian's strength, so they might not do it as well.