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I do find it funny how some people was expecting BG3 to have the same graphics as a game that come out over 20 years ago it was never going to happen even BioWare would not use a 20 year old engine

I don't think that's fair. D:OSs have this over-the-top, very-not-grounded in reality animation style that is, at least, partially brought to BG3. A good comparison could be Obsidian's Tyranny vs Pillars of Eternity. Pillars had movement and animation grounded in reality, while Tyranny was over-the-top.

I generally prefer my fantasy to be a bit more grounded - the more fantastical the setting is, the more believable it needs to be.

There's a benefits to Larian's approach - playing a game from top down view, it is useful to be able to identify each action - that's something that traditional cRPGs struggle with. The need for combat log, could be minimised, if one could gather useful information from the battlefield itself.