I sympathise with game developers everywhere, trying to cater for the wildly different likes/dislikes of their potential customer base.

That said, this trailer does seem to suggest that the Larian engine is from the Nigel Tufnel school of design - all the settings go to 11. I won't mind that if I can choose to dial back to, say, 8, or if they manage to implement HDR or some other pixel compression scheme that prevents the sort of over-exposure evident in much of the trailer.

I generally like the BG3 character models, except where they stray too far into renaissance styling, and the spell/status effects are OK, since most of the game will be pretty static turn-based, they won't become a visual cacophany. The animations are a mixed bag, as you might expect; spell-casting looked decent, archery remains poor.

A big unknown is the built-environment. The gameplay in trailers has revealed only generic building styles that would fit happily on the Sword Coast, inspired as it is by Western European tradition. The depiction of Yartar ( not a gameplay trailer ) was less convincing, with its seeming mix of Babylonian and Italianate styles. I'm not against decorative buildings, but personally don't feel its a comfortable fit for renaissance and later building techniques being in wide use.

No doubt others disagree. There have been many different artistic interpretations of the Forgotten Realms over the years, not infrequently following real-world fashions and sensibilities.