Honestly can't stand what I'm seeing here. It's like a good friend died 20 years ago and someone says "Don't worry, we're going to bring him back!" and then this mutant monstrosity walks in without any resemblance except roughly humanoid form..."aren't you glad we brought him back?" Well, no. Not in the least. And then people are saying "well it has the right number of limbs so what are you complaining about?"

I don't mind technical and graphical updates as those are inevitable and even desirable. I could get behind mechanical changes like turn-based combat even though I prefer the alternative, if the game's feel was right (although so many departures from the originals strongly imply Larian have vastly prioritised pushing out what is essentially DOS3 instead of giving even the vaguest nod to the predecessors). I feel like The entire essence is missing. It's got a lot to do with the visuals but I think it'd be an oversimplification; the feel is just not right and as a consequence there's no connection. It'd be like making a LotR game in the right setting, with the right creatures and peoples, but getting the flavour completely wrong somehow. You'd feel it immediately.

I don't want to come across like I'm mindlessly hating here because if what I'm seeing didn't have a BG label to it, it'd be great. There's a lot to like in general but in my view it's just not good enough for something that's meant to occupy a very specific space. I just don't get it.