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Well, as stated before the game uses the same palette as the designs in the manuals and artbook of D&D so technically it´s a very accurate (official D&D5e) Baldur´s gate.

All that the devs showed us pointed out that they are following the guidelines of the modern version of D&D so It´s improbable that they are going to change in the middle of the race.

Firstly, I want to thank you and a couple of others like you who are responding to what we critics are actually saying instead of making up stuff about us wanting twenty year old graphics. As you correctly identify, it is the art-style we are talking about here, NOT quality of the graphics.

That said, I also am glad you posted those 5e artwork above. I am a 3.5e D&D fan and have not looked into 5e much. And apparently for good reason, because those 5e D&D artwork images look absolutely hideous. Clearly Larian is following that artwork style, and styling their character models based on that 5e artwork. So you're right. The blame lies with the hideous and horrible nature of 5e D&D art-style, which is not Larian's fault if WotC is forcing them to use that hideous and horrible style.