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Facepalm ouch : People complain about the art style even though the game uses exactly the style of the source material.
Larian said they work closely together with wotc and both sides check everything if it makes sense. Looks like they really do this.

What do you want?
That a new game looks exactly like a 20 year old game?
Just import your favourite portrait from BG2 and create a char who looks as close to this as possible.

Players of the original game would like to recognize some of the essence of BG1/BG2 in the new one.

This can be anything, from previous BG games:
more consistent art theme+color palette, dynamic fast pace combat, music, style of storytelling, focus on protagonist and antagonist, portraits, less flashy animation, item icons, UI, some reference to the old games on gamplay presentations or at least in new teasers...

Despite of these things I will play it. I think it will be a great game and I think it looks great and some stuff are better, than I expected, like the cinematic treatment of each conversations.

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