I'm really sorry, I know this is a 47 page thread I am replying to, but I really want to figure out the controversy without watching the gameplay video, or getting involved with the flamewar.

I hate spoiling new games by knowing too much about them.

I've also never played a Divinity game so I have no idea what to expect.

With the turn based system, I heard there was some sort of simultaneous team action?

Is this like Civilisation style turn based, where you make all your decisions and then choose 'new turn' and watch the results play out?

Or is it the game like Chrono Trigger/Final Fantasy turn based, where you only get to decide the actions of one character at a time?

I can really get behind the Civ style version, but I am not that in love with the "One at a time" please style of combat.

Here's how combat works in D&D 5E, which BG3 is based off of.

Everyone rolls initiative and that establishes the turn order. Everyone then gets one action, one bonus action, their movement and a reaction during the enemies turn.

What determines your bonus actions and reactions are your skills and your class. A magic caster could have the spell shield or counterspell because they are reaction spells. Meaning someone attacks you you can then react to that by casting a spell to increase your armor really quickly to avoid taking damage, or stopping an enemy caster from casting a spell.

Other classes, like fighters, rogues and barbarians have a lot less reactions than the magic classes but have a variety of bonus actions like a Fighters second wind to heal or action surge to attack again or a rogue using the cunning action to dash, sneak or disengage. They could also use their reactions to have an attack of opportunity, meaning if someone is in melee range and they try to move out of melee range then it's a free attack. Or you can use your action to disengage without taking damage but lose your attack action, whereas rogues can use their bonus action to avoid that.

It's a combat system that is entirely reliant on a turn-based system.

BG3 is simply having the teams share initiative so we don't have to wait for individual characters turns. We can just move and use everyone as needed. This process will also sort-of bypass the held-action action. Meaning I hold my action, like a spell, for something to happen that I tell the DM. Like "I'm holding firebolt for when an enemy comes around the corner." and my action is held until an enemy comes around the corner but I lose that action if an enemy doesn't.

Originally Posted by Ceolfrith
I know D&D, I get turn based.

I just mean Bioware created something unique and unusual... a 'real time turn based game'.

It's probably going to be a fine game, it's already looking like a must play for me, but that's still a style of play that is really going to be missed considering it has the name 'Baldur's Gate'

The irony is that it is much easier to play the infinity engine games if you play them in a turn based style, but the fact that everything is happening at once added a serious extra layer of tension.

There must be some design that takes the best of both worlds, right?

I'm not sure what that design would be. We would have to radically shift every mechanic from D&D 5E to make it some kind of RT combat. Baldur's Gate 1 and 2 were based off of AD&D 2E and its combat had to just cut a lot of features out of the game to make real time work. A lot of D&D fans at the time said it ruined the whole dynamic for the game.

They more or less work the same, mechanics wise. I still need to roll dice to beat your AC (Armor Class) and then roll dice to determine the damage, just like BG 1 and 2 did. I still need to distribute my attributes wisely to fit my class, same as BG 1 and 2 did.

The real differences, I feel, come from the differences between AD&D 2E and D&D 5E and that Bioware preferred RTS games at the time they developed BG 1 and 2 and Larian prefers making TB games.

There aren't even that many similarities between the Divinity games and what we've seen of BG3. The mechanics for how combat works is completely different between them. The only similarity is that they're both TB.

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