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Well, as stated before the game uses the same palette as the designs in the manuals and artbook of D&D so technically it´s a very accurate (official D&D5e) Baldur´s gate.

All that the devs showed us pointed out that they are following the guidelines of the modern version of D&D so It´s improbable that they are going to change in the middle of the race.

You are probably right, but that doesn't mean its a good idea to slavishly copy if such action provides an inferior result. DnD artwork over the years has been of variable quality and frequently contradictory, and what looks good in print is not always ideal for other media.

I don't have a particular issue with the character models, but I do find it odd that comic-book excess seems to be creeping into the graphical presentation. I thought the original gameplay reveal was a perfectly acceptable graphical presentation, but this trailer really was not. I'm not sure how long I could play a game with that degree of overexposure.

Maybe it's just this trailer, not the game as a whole, but for me, it has certainly had the effect of questioning their direction rather than assuring their competence.