Oh, I agree that the name BG3 gives a lot of exposure: They had lots of interviews, media apparitions, Wotc license and support, a Belgian videogame "indie" studio like Larian even made as a face for the launch of Stadia with a game that is not even finished, so they did it right.

What I meant is that the target audience of the videogame is not "old-BG-games-fans-only" as in "we are not doing anything reminiscent to the original games and it was never intended to be". I think they are making a game for D&D5e fans, Forgotten realms fans, TB fans, CRPG fans... first and foremost; as the screenshots, trailers, etc show and the OP @Omegaphalic pointed out; for múltiple reasons already posted in this thread (design, mechanics, colour palette, etc).

Not that I have anything against that, I happen to like D&D5e, TB, the forgotten realms... etc so I´m happy with plenty of what they show us so far (Even tho I found wierd some design choices) and, even I loved the old games I do not particularly care that much about the game to be similar to the old (and amazing) BG trilogy.

I mean, the story of the baalspawn is already finished, it´s a different studio, do not share plot or common characters that we know of, It´s a turn-based game, 20 years and 3 different editions of D&D passed and they are using D&D5e game mechanics, lore and Artwork; and a setting 200 years after the baalspawn crisis, so... Do you really think they are worried about "deep and satisfying links to the original story arc that might justify the sequal tag in terms of story-telling and game-play terms"?

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