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Adressing the nonsense in this thread in no particular order.

>PoE has good artstyle
Opinion discarded
literaly a game thats based heavily of freal world inspirations versus forgotten realms which is THE quintessential kitchen sink fantasy.
If you wanted a grounded game, why do you want it set in one of the most ridiculous created-as-fapbait settings there is?

>Muh dark atmosphere
and more bullshit.
I swear every time one of you people spouts this nonsense i hope they put in another weresheep.
Its not true, its not based on anything youve actually seen, its just a value judgement based on nothing.
As ive demnstrated multiple times iwht screenshots.

SInce none of you (all 3 people of you with your 40 accounts with 2 posts each) has actually disproven anyhting of that with evidence of your own, its safe to assume that i can just discard all of your uneducated opinions.

>Muh Colours
should we get the screenshots again?
Dont make me humilliate you like that.
Your nostalgia addled brain still hasnt realized that Baldurs gate wasnt dark souls.
Baldurs gate had that exact colour scheme, just boot up the damn game and see for yourself.
The infinity engine games had THE most generic artstyle in RPG history. Dont kid yourselves.

You were children when you played those games and thats why they feel "mature" to you.

>oh no an isometric game doenst have perfect physics
You should know what youll get.
CRPGs arent tripple A video games and you would have to be stupid to expect that.
Now let me ask you, would you rather have the feature to let terrain fall on enemies but with suboptimal graphics, or would you not like to have that feature?
Come on, go discredit yourself.
For all the lapping up of the garbage that was the infinity engine, you suddenly sure all seem to be hung up on graphics of all things.
Almost as if all those low post count accounts are massive hypocrits.

>Muh character design doesnt match the enviroment
You mean the artstyle directly taken from the Source books?
The same thing baldurs gate did back in its day?

Oh and one particular gem i cannot help but comment on.

>Thank goodness owlcat didnt copy pathfidners official artstle
Hahahha! Did you miss the entire huge kickstarter blog post where Owlcat went into great lenghts of explaining how the game is meant to mirror Wayne Reynolds artstyle?
Down to the fact that there was a very deliberate descision to include all the equipped items on a given character BECAUSE thats how Wayne Reynolds depicts it in the official art.

Absoluteley delusional.


This kid needs some serious therapy.

Just look at the BG 3 opening cinematic and the current gameplay and you can see the discrepancy.

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