I think many people have already discussed it. It's only recently that I found out that BG3 will be a turn-based combat and it was very shocking news for me. Iknow that TB is the best solution for faithfully reproducing D&D 5E rules. However, BG3 should rather aim to faithfully express the attractiveness of BG series. I believe that one of the attractiveness is RTwP.

BG1&2 had to cut/shrink some elements of AD&D 2E in order to realize RTwP. This had been criticized by the core AD&D fans at that time, but had succeeded in creating a gaming experience not found in tabletop D&D. I wanted to expect the same for BG3 based on D&D 5E.

If you push TB, it obviously needs improvement.

In BG, it was possible for multiple mages to sudden attack a group of enemies found by a stealth thief with a simultaneous cast of FB. This was a combat system that added value to a party build of thief and multiple mages. This is not contrary to the reality of the fantasy world. But we can't do the same in DOS2. Even in the search mode, two mages cannot cast at the same time, and TB starts just after the action of the first mage finished.
Since the time flow of search mode and battle mode is different, the act of buffing up(Summon up) before battle is meaningless. This narrows the breadth of the strategy.

It would be impractical to change the battle design to RTwP from now on. I hope you to solve the narrowness of TB's strategy and improve it.