The fact that they choose to use the title "Baldur's gate 3" may not be in their favor. As we saw, a lot of baldur's gate fans are disapointed by the actual form of the game.

Since Baldur's gate 2, we had a lot of game from forgotten realms with different "atmosphere" and look. But using "baldur's gate 3" is a huge commitment. I have not doubt the game will sell well. They did it to expend the audience we all get it, they said that themselves. And maybe Larian does really love baldur's gate 1 & 2, maybe not.

They used their experience in divinity like a legacy for BG3 on the look, the assets (for now) etc.. And for some of us (we will see how much with the early access) it is hearthbreaking. It's hard to explain precisely why it doesn't fit, because it is a global feeling. It is not only the balance of exposure and usage of colors, or the turn by turn gameplay...

It is the sobriety of the gameplay, the ellegance of the decor and scenery. The quality of the writing that i didn't find from what i saw in the gameplay revealed. The color harmony; The feeling not to play a game in "tune with the times". The impression of a huge world even with only a few maps. The habilityand sharpness to make it coherent.

From a very personnal point a view, i found that last trailer absolutely ugly. If i did'nt know where it came from, i would've say it is for a new mobile MMO with good graphics. It is very personnal and i don't judge the dev for a short trailer, it was just a quick feeling.
Before the trailer i was confused, now i'm desperate ;)

They only thing they had to do is calling it something like "Forgotten realms : Avernum" (just an exemple). Because now it blocks the way to really create a more baldurish 3 game.

Sorry for my english ;) (not very english)