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Just look at the BG 3 opening cinematic and the current gameplay and you can see the discrepancy.

No game has ever looked like a cinematic trailer.

You seriously cannot compare BG1 and 2 to BG3 in terms of aesthetic. The resolution alone kills any comparison that you might try to make. I bet if they had today's tech 20+ years ago, BG1 and 2 would have been A LOT different, probably unrecognizable from what they are. They didn't have access to what Larian has access to.

It has nothing to do with the resolution. And I am not even comparing to BG1/2.

It is about keeping the coherence they established on their own opening. And it is nothing really hard to fix or to achieve.

They are not doing (?yet) because they don't want to.

What in the name of John Cena are you even saying? "keeping the coherence they established on their own opening?" Wtf does that even mean?

Everyone that is harping on their writing, like it's not as good as BG1 and 2...you literally haven't seen anything yet, not even a tenth of a percent of the game's writing.

Obviously they either don't want to spoil the actual 'Baldur's Gate' of the game, or they aren't ready to show it off yet. All we have seen is what is going to teach us about how to play the game basics; a starting area, simple fights to learn the different mechanics in the game like verticality, etc.

Muh it's not dark light BG1 and 2 - yea, because they had comparatively shitty software and literally couldn't get the lighting that tech nowadays can. You see one short clip of sunlight and freak tf out, it's pathetic really. This is Baldur's Gate 3. You may not like the direction but it's obviously the direction that the CREATORS of Baldur's Gate and the FR want it to go. At least wait for EA gameplay on Youtube where you can actually see more of the world and mechanics, etc, before tossing this in the proverbial garbage.