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I honestly fail to see why anyone would care about you as a demographic.
You cannot be satiated, youll never be happy and you willl whine and seethe at the slightest misconduct agaisnt your perfect product that only exists in your head and that is seperate from the same "perfect product" in the head of every other one of you.

I think this is demonstrably false, given that a lot of people are bringing up more or less consistent objections repeatedly. It's annoying when, just because you liked something a long time ago, someone dismisses any objection to a new imagining as invalid because of nostalgia. And since most of us played the games as adults too it doesn't really seem to hold water.

I don't think anyone's dissatisfied because the product on offer as we've seen it so far isn't perfect, I think we're dissatisfied because it's not checking many, if any, of the boxes for a faithful sequel of an established series. As I've said, I'd be willing to overlook a lot of flaws or changes if there were just a few things done right.